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Specialist Neurological and Stroke Physiotherapy for Banbury and surrounding areas

What can I help with?

I can successfully treat people in the early stages after a neurological injury or stroke up to the late stages of recovery; similarly with long term neurological conditions I treat people at any stage from early diagnosis to late stages of the condition.  

I offer rehabilitation following a stroke, neurological injury, event or relapse (e.g. MS relapse) or following a period of illness.

I also offer maintenance programmes for those affected by the long term progressive conditions.  I will advise you and give you exercises to help maintain movement and independence for as long as possible.  I can help you to proactively manage your condition.

I can help with:
•    Day-to-day function
•    Better movement
•    Preventing falls
•    Exercise
•    Advice and support

Day-to-day Function

This is about your ability to do day-to-day tasks, it’s what you do with your day such as washing and dressing, looking after children, working, cooking, hobbies etc.  The goals we set will be based around your function and what is meaningful to you so this is the root of your treatment.  Everything we work on will ultimately be based on function.

As well as using exercise and hands on treatment to work on your ability to do day-to-day activities I can also:
•    Help to problem solve difficulties with day-to-day tasks
•    Advise about equipment that may help you
•    Help with management of fatigue
•    Give postural advice

Better movement

I can help you learn to move better with higher quality, more normal movement so that you can conserve energy, reduce pain and increase your mobility and ability to do your day-to-day activities.

I do this through:
•    Re-educating normal movement patterns
•    Reducing spasticity (stiff, high toned muscles)
•    Improving muscle tone (muscles which have become floppy) and strength
•    Improving co-ordination and dexterity
•    Improving walking speed, distance and quality
•    Improving arm function
•    Pain management

Preventing falls

I can help you to prevent and minimise the risk of falls by:
•    Assessing and treating dizziness
•    Improving balance
•    Teaching you how to get up if you do fall
•    Advising on equipment or modifications to your environment


Exercise is important for your general health and to help to manage most neurological conditions.  As well as the beneficial effects on your heart and lungs it also helps to maintain strength in your muscles and is great for improving emotional wellbeing.

I can help you to return to sport or other activities that you have previously enjoyed, or help you to find new sporting activities that you may not have tried before.  I can also give you an exercise programme for fitness and strengthening to do on your own, or am happy to talk to your personal trainer or gym instructor about the best way to exercise and strengthen.

I have had training in hydrotherapy (physiotherapy in water) and can provide this service in a local swimming pool or help you to re-learn how to swim.


Advice and support    

It’s not just about physiotherapy, a huge part of my role is to support you and your carers and to help you access all the help that is available to you.  
•    Teach carers about the best way to move and handle you
•    Education about your condition
•    Referral to other professionals
•    Help prevent secondary complications (contractures, pressure sores, chest infections)



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